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How To Purchase

How To Purchase

Our Vehicle Service Contracts are sold through automotive dealerships across the United States. Warranty Solutions does not sell directly to the public or on the internet.

What is a Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) and why are they needed?

A VSC is a legal and binding contract between the customer and the Obligor for repair of specified mechanical breakdowns. A Vehicle Service Contract pays for the cost of covered vehicle mechanical repairs. Unexpected vehicle repairs can be very expensive and disruptive to your life. VSCs can reduce the costs and inconveniences associated with a covered vehicle breakdown and/or repair need.

Why is the company behind my Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) important and what do I need to know?

A VSC is an agreement to pay for covered repairs and services that arise in the future. The agreement is only as good as the company that backs it. You should know, at minimum, how long the company providing your VSC has been in business, what their financial rating and strength is, and whether the contract is fully insured.

Warranty Solutions has over 30 years of proven experience in the Vehicle Service Contract Industry. VSC's are backed by a 50 state licensed insurance company, Heritage Indemnity Company, with an A.M. Best Rating of A "Excellent". Our VSCs are fully insured which is just one of the many reasons we can offer the reliability you need

Can I buy a Vehicle Service Contract for any vehicle?

Warranty Solutions provides a wide range of Vehicle Service Contract options to meet the needs of most new and used vehicle owners. In some cases a warranty provided by the vehicle manufacturer must still be in effect for the vehicle to be eligible for a VSC. There may be cases where a vehicle does not meet requirements for a VSC purchase. Please see your dealer for specific details and purchase availability.

What does a Vehicles Service Contract cost?

Costs will vary depending on the vehicle, type of coverage desired, and location of purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions from Warranty Solutions Vehicle Service Contract holders.